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We are passionate about sharing our knowledge, travel experience, and the valuable tips we've learned.

Welcome to! We're passionate about the RV snowbirding lifestyle and consistently seek opportunities to work with like-minded brands and partners. Whether you're interested in sponsored content, affiliate marketing partnerships, product reviews, or guest posts, we're open to exploring collaboration opportunities that align with our mission and values.


Why Work with Us?

At, we offer a highly engaged and targeted audience of RV snowbirds passionate about travel, adventure, and the RV lifestyle focusing on Class B RVs. Our readers are primarily over the age of 55, and they are active, adventurous, and interested in exploring new destinations and experiences. We offer a unique perspective on RV snowbirding. We're committed to providing valuable, engaging content that helps our readers make the most of their travels.


Collaboration Opportunities

We're interested in exploring a variety of collaboration opportunities, including:

  • Sponsored Content: We're open to partnering with brands that align with our mission and values to create high-quality sponsored content that provides value to our readers.

  • Affiliate Marketing: We're interested in partnering with brands offering relevant products or services to our readers. We're also open to exploring affiliate marketing partnerships that provide value to our audience.

  • Product Reviews: We're open to reviewing RV products, accessories, and gadgets relevant to our audience and offering value to our readers.

  • Guest Posts: We're open to publishing guest posts from other RV snowbirds who have unique perspectives or experiences to share.


We'd love to hear from you if you want to work with us! Please get in touch with us to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. We're excited to explore new partnerships and build long-term relationships with brands and partners who share our passion for RV snowbirding.


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